MICHIGAN DISTILLED Festival (Friday, September 23) to Celebrate Locally Distilled Craft Spirits & Cocktails

The Michigan Craft Distillers Association is excited to announce the return of its Michigan Distilled festival, featuring craft spirits and cocktails from its members around the Great Lakes State. The event will be held on Friday, September 23 from 6-10pm, at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market. Tickets are on sale now at MiDistilled.com. A VIP Hour Read More

September Named “Michigan Craft Spirits Month”

The Michigan Craft Distillers Association (MCDA) is proud to announce September as “Michigan Craft Spirits Month” throughout the state. Michigan currently ranks #7 in the national for the number of craft distilleries (with more than 80) as noted by the annual “Craft Spirits Data Project” released by the American Craft Spirits Association. Michigan’s craft spirit Read More

Member Spotlight: Grand Traverse Distillery

Unlike other distilleries, Grand Traverse Distillery is focused on using resources from access crops as well as grains grown by local farmers to distill their spirits. Supporting local agriculture is very important because it helps provide jobs in the community, and ensures spirits are distilled with fresh local ingredients.  Grand Traverse Distillery has been crafting Read More

Member Spotlight: Iron Shoe Distillery

A horseshoe, an extremely lucky charm, is the symbol of the family-owned Iron Shoe Distillery. Located in Niles, Michigan, this distillery has created an extremely unique name for themselves through the urban legend of St. Dunstan. It is said that the devil “agreed to never enter a building that is protected by the sign of Read More

Member Spotlight: Long Road Distillers

Take no shortcuts. This is a philosophy that honors the craft of everything Long Road Distillers creates. Their name encapsulates the very core of how they conduct business, which is to take the “long road,” to not cut corners, and to do things the right way. Recognized as the first distiller in Beer City, USA Read More

Member Spotlight: Kalamazoo Stillhouse

“Honest spirits, Local people”. In the 2000’s husband and wife learned to distill from the husband’s father, who was a distiller and wine proprietor from Washingtom. Both born and raised in Kalamazoo, the husband and wife duo wanted to do something locally that they could call their own and give back to the community. Noticing Read More

Member Spotlight: Eastern Kille Distillery

In August, Eastern Kille Distillery began running socially distanced cocktail classes. To help boost the spirits of the community, bartenders and spirit leaders have led the classes teaching the participants how to create their own cocktails. And yes, they were able to drink the final products. The past few classes have been summer inspired cocktail Read More

Member Spotlight: Michigrain Distillery

“When your passion for distilling runs this deep, you want to share it with everyone.” Established in 2016, this is the ideal that Michigrain Distillery operates under every day. Unlike other distilleries, Michigrain not only sells spirits at their own location, but distributes their products to craft distillers of all sizes. They are a “distiller’s Read More

Member Spotlight: Ethanolo¿y Distillation

Ethanolo¿y, a name created by the combination of two words, defines a family-owned distillery in Elk Rapids, Michigan. According to the distillery, Ethanolo¿y is defined as: “[ˈeth-ä-nȯl-ä-jē\] (noun): The Science & Art of Distillation.™” (Ethanolo¿y, 2020). Broken down, the name begins with ethanol, which is the “systematic chemical name for ethyl alcohol” (Ethanolo¿y, 2020), and Read More