Member Spotlight: Iron Shoe Distillery

A horseshoe, an extremely lucky charm, is the symbol of the family-owned Iron Shoe Distillery. Located in Niles, Michigan, this distillery has created an extremely unique name for themselves through the urban legend of St. Dunstan. It is said that the devil “agreed to never enter a building that is protected by the sign of a horseshoe”, which has now become the face of this distillery. Not only is this unique to their business, but it ties in perfectly with their spirits. The only spirits in Iron Shoe Distillery are good ones!

Unlike other distilleries, Iron Shoe Distillery crafts their spirits with locally grown ingredients and creates all their spirits from scratch, which is all done at their distillery! This year, the family-owned business started growing their own corn on their family farm. It can not get more local than that! All of their spirits are made in small batches and crafted to the highest standards.

Iron Shoe Distillery is most proud to serve their small-batch, single-barrel whiskey. Since their whiskey is created in this way, each barrel is different and truly one of a kind. If you are a huge whiskey fan, it is important to not miss a bottle release as it may be your only opportunity to get that kind of whiskey! Iron Shoe Distillery has used different types of grains to produce whiskeys such as chocolate malt and smoked malt. 

If whiskey is not your forte, Iron Shoe Distillery has created a limoncello, which is one of their most popular drinks. The limoncello is an Italian liqueur made from hand-zested lemons.  They begin with real lemons and hand zest every single lemon they use to make this spirit. It is perfect on its own and really adds some pizzazz to a lemonade. Plus, there are no artificial flavors!

In the next month, Iron Shoe Distillery is distilling a tasty surprise for their customers. They are coming out with Lavender Liqueur. This spirit is made using locally harvested lavender, which is only ten miles from the distillery! This type of spirit will be hard to find elsewhere as it is very unique to Iron Shoe Distillery.


As we all know, COVID-19 has impacted pretty much every part of businesses across the world. Despite the downsides of this pandemic, Iron Shoe Distillery was able to find a way to turn a negative into a positive. Doing their part, they produced and distributed hand sanitizer to their local community. Contributing to their business, they implemented an online ordering platform where customers can order food and bottles of their craft spirits for curbside pick-up service. In addition, they now offer cocktail kits that include a bottle of one of their spirits, a mixer, and a recipe card. On the other hand, they have created “Burger Boxes” which contains everything needed for backyard grilling. 

Next time you take a cruise through Niles, look for the horseshoe, as Iron Shoe Distillery only serves the good spirits.

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