MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: St. Julian Wine Company

The Meconi Wine Company was founded way back in 1921. It first had its start in Ontario, Canada, but after the repeal of prohibition it was moved to thrive in Detroit City and eventually to Paw Paw in 1936 where it has stayed. With its move to Paw Paw also came a change of name to St. Julian Wine Company and since has soared in popularity.

St. Julian now offers six different tasting rooms as well as the opportunity to have their products sold across Michigan. Being a family business for the past four generations has allowed them to keep the quality that they want to ensure they give to their customers. St. Julian has always been committed to using the best quality fruit that they can source from right here in the Lake Michigan Shore Appellation. Their winery offers over 100 different selections, and is the most award winning winery in the entire state of Michigan. St. Julian is known for its long running winery, however, what you might not know about is their extensive line of spirits. 

Their spirits include a list of Apple Brandy, Cherry Brandy, Vodka from Cherries, Vodka from Grapes, Grappa, Gin Whiskey, and Rum. All of their spirits now fall under their newly rebranded label as St. Julian Distillery. A Grappa is unknown to some, but is a great spirit that St. Julian is able to make. The process begins with leftover seeds and skins of grapes which are distilled and made into a spirit. At St. Julian they use Traminette grapes which are distinctively aromatic, giving the same uniqueness to the spirit. Grappa is great for helping with digestion after a meal, in cocktails, and even is great to cook with! 

There are a few things to keep your eye out for, coming from St. Julian in the near future! Made from Michigan potatoes, their flavored vodkas are going to make a debut this summer. As well as their flavored rums, bourbon, and agave spirits, which are in the works. Their chestnut spirits are currently aging on dried chestnut chips. All of the chestnuts come from a local grower in Paw Paw, and help bring to life their goal of having their ingredient sources come from Michigan. They are also excited to announce the planning of a canned cocktail launch in 2021. 

There are many new and exciting things coming to St. Julian and with 6 locations to stop in and do some tastings, it’s a must on your summer activities list.

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