Member Spotlight: Michigrain Distillery

“When your passion for distilling runs this deep, you want to share it with everyone.” Established in 2016, this is the ideal that Michigrain Distillery operates under every day. Unlike other distilleries, Michigrain not only sells spirits at their own location, but distributes their products to craft distillers of all sizes. They are a “distiller’s distillery” with a focus on making high quality craft spirits. Partnering with local farmers and sourcing their ingredients within sixty miles of their location has allowed them to keep up with the increased demands of the craft spirits industry. They offer a unique competitive edge with their recipe for neutral grain spirits.

The name doesn’t lie. Michigrain spirits are made from 100% Michigan sourced ingredients. Most prominently used in their spirits are the ingredients flour from Lowell, MI and corn from Williamson, MI. But this isn’t the most interesting part of their name. It is only fitting that a distillery with the word “Michigan” in it, partners with the state’s most popular brand of potato-chips: Better Made. The distillery’s partnership with Better Made has allowed them to produce a delicious potato vodka, made from Better Made’s starch.

The kind of high-quality, handcrafted spirits that Michigrain produces is typically sold in small batches. However, Michigrain was created with the determination to break this conventional image. High volume does not mean low quality here. As a turnkey, one-man operation, their spirits are distilled with an obsessive attention to quality and detail. They work with a goal that is to prove high quality volume can, indeed, be handcrafted. Their efforts do not go unrecognized, either. In 2018, the distillery was awarded the MicroLiquor Spirit Award, “Gold Medal for Taste” for their potato vodka, proving their methods successful. They beat out hundreds of other entries around the world for this title, and it was well deserved! Don’t worry, you can taste this award-winning Michigrain vodka yourself in any of the 150 stores, bars, and restaurants across the state.


Recently, the distillery ventured into the market of creating hand sanitizer to help with COVID-19 efforts. In fact, they were one of the first distilleries to switch to hand sanitizer when the pandemic started. Following their course of selling-in-bulk, the distillery picked up many new clients in need of hand sanitizer. Their bulk sales increased and provided for some very well-known establishments, such as Meijer and Central Michigan University. They didn’t hesitate to help out anywhere they could.  

Intrigued yet? Join the distillery’s “Coin Club” to receive 15% off all drinks and snacks at their tasting rooms. This will also grant you access to their exclusive quarterly events. Use your discount to try their #1 selling cocktail, the Pineapple Mule! Michigrain’s tasting rooms are the perfect place to taste-test their sought after spirits. Visit their website to browse the options of cocktails, then pay them a visit in Lansing!