MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Wise Men Distillery

With Fall fast approaching, many of you are going to be heading to corn mazes and apple orchards, sipping on apple cider and maybe enjoying a warm doughnut. But a stop you don’t want to miss when you’re driving through Kentwood or their soon to open location in Grand Rapids, is Wise Men Distillery. Their popular Apple Pie Moonshine is made with real Michigan apples, and a blend of pure, warm fall spices including cinnamon and ginger, perfect for the fall or any occasion or season. Wise Men was created by three guys in a barn who have a passion for quality spirits. After countless hours and taste testing they were able to produce, from scratch, a delicious, smooth tasting moonshine that won’t leave you choking on an after burn. 

Not in the mood for their Apple Pie Moonshine? No worries, their Red Tape Series, which is in honor of the challenges they faced when opening a distillery, mainly having to do with prohibition era laws, has you covered. The Red Tape series offers a white whiskey, rum, gin, and spiced rum, as well as a bourbon that is currently being aged in their barrel room. One of their most popular drinks is their Lake Michigan sunset. It includes the perfect amount of white rum, vodka, gin, apple pie moonshine, and splash sour which are blended together and garnished with a lemon wheel as the cherry on top.

So what sets Wise Men apart from other distilleries? It’s their custom cocktails. The mixologists are always hard at work coming up with different concoctions, to best fit it’s patrons and offer a new one at least every week. In addition to their cocktails being completely customized they all include locally sourced ingredients to ensure the freshest, highest quality drinks are being made. One of their recent custom cocktails is the therapeutic Basil Honey Dew Me, which is blended with real honey dew and their lavender lemonade.

In addition to these custom cocktails, Wise Men provides instructional classes to local bartenders from restaurants. This ensures they have the correct information to create drinks with their spirits, with the top quality they strive to provide to their customers. One of the popular drinks they teach in these classes, and that is popular with their customers, is the Lake Michigan Sunset. The Lake Michigan Sunset is the perfect combination of rum, vodka, gin, moonshine, and sour mix. Not only does it taste amazing, it shows restaurants how they can highlight most of the spirits they offer while having them flow so perfectly together. 

Even with all the hardships people have faced during COVID-19, Wise Men Distillery has managed to not only create hand sanitizer for their community in need, but also continue to make progress in the opening of a new location in Grand Rapids. The new location will be able to provide jobs for the community in a time when everyone could use the extra income, while ensuring they are able to provide hand sanitizer for as long as it is needed. 

Whether you’re in the mood for their Apple Pie Moonshine, a Lake Michigan Sunset, or looking for the customized drink of the week Wise Men Distillery is your go to place for all three of these and more. 

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