MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Detroit City Distillery

Found at the center of prohibition’s rich history, is Detroit City Distillery. What many do not know is that this distillery comes from a long history of eight childhood friends. This group always had an interest in brewery and distillery topics, which gave them the idea of opening a brewery. But when they realized how saturated the brewery market in Detroit was, they switched their efforts to opening a distillery. Thus Detroit City Distillery was born. 

DCD takes pride in serving consumers who care about where their food comes from. They follow two rules: to make what they want to drink and to make spirits using only the best ingredients from their surrounding areas in Michigan. Their Homegrown Rye, which won double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits competition this year, has its own dedicated farmer who grows the rye right here in Michigan. 


Like many others, DCD was hit hard by the effects of COVID. However, they have been able to focus their interests towards hand sanitizer, which largely impacted their local community. Over the past few months DCD has made over 21,000 gallons of readily available hand sanitizer. When it came to reopening their distillery, they strived to keep customers safe and satisfied with social distance drinking, plenty of sanitizer, and enjoyable summer vibes. To keep customers comfortable with the current state of the pandemic, DCD has taken their entire bar operation, as well as seating, completely outdoors. They say their philosophy is simple: since everything is different now, they are going to give their customers a completely different experience to fit their changed needs. 

After a sell out year last year, DCD has enhanced the experience by bringing back their limited-edition Summer Rum. What makes the rum so different and special? Unlike every other spirit that DCD offers, their summer rum is the result of a team effort that includes ingredients which are not locally sourced. The obstacle that arose when trying to produce a locally sourced daiquiri rum, was that sugar cane does not grow in Michigan. To make a good daiquiri rum, sugar cane is a must. To solve this problem, the team of bartenders made the perfect blend of rare rums, sourced from Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana and the U.S. Virgin Islands, into a delicious daiquiri rum. The result: a nose-full of Jamaican funk with ripe banana, pineapple and clove. Its light rose gold body has a creamy mouthful of Caribbean fruit notes like papaya, guava, mangos and coconut and the silky smooth finish offers hints of lime, toffee and French Indie spice. Sounds delicious! But there’s a catch; Summer Rum is only available from July 1 to September 30! So before the month is over be sure to stop in and get some before it’s gone. 

Summer Rum and Summer Vibes sounds like a great change of pace compared to the last few months. If you’re looking for a safe, fun, and comfortable environment catered to your new needs, Detroit City Distillery in the East Market of Metro Detroit is a must go. 

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