MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Gull Lake Distilling Company

Looking for the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail outside? During these trying and uncertain times, it can be hard to find a location that allows you to forget the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, and simply enjoy the outdoors accompanied by a delicious beverage. Look no further than Gull Lake Distilling Company in Galesburg, MI. This family-owned and locally sourced craft distillery, brewery, and winery, is located on a bike path right near the Kalamazoo River. They welcome bikers, hikers, and drinkers alike to their newly renovated Beer Garden.

With many of their employees also employed at hospitals and other essential workplaces, Gull Lake understands the importance of safety for the public. This is why Gull Lake welcomes BYOF (bring your own food). Feel free to pack a picnic, grab food on your way over, or purchase pizza at the pizzeria connected to their building. They also have menus available for you to order takeout to support other local, small businesses in the area, while enjoying their beverages and seating.

While remaining cautious and compliant to the restrictions COVID-19 has placed on small businesses, the team at Gull Lake Distilling Co has been brainstorming the best ideas to offer a sanctuary for the public. They recently expanded their beer garden to reach almost a 200 x 60ft space; that’s nearly two-thirds of a football field! This offers the perfect space for the various events Gull Lake offers.

Kick back with carryout every Wednesday night with their “cornhole league,” Or, test your knowledge with trivia every Thursday night. Want to relax on Sunday morning? Visit their location to enjoy bloody marys and brunch with The Kitchen at Avalon Farms food trailer. The food truck offers a rotating menu featuring fresh produce from the farm, available from 10am-2pm. Gull Lake Distilling never fails to provide enjoyable events for all its visitors. Are you more of a wine fan? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that they are currently planning winery-type events to feature their incredible portfolio of wine (the strawberry wine is a must-try)!

Not only do they strive to offer fun activities to the public, but they also want to recognize some very important people in their community. They are currently working on personalizing some deals such as a line of spirits that honors veterans, military members, police, and first line medical responders. Regarding their beer, a percentage of the proceeds raised from these deals will go to charities that support these groups of people.

COVID-19 has placed many obstacles in Gull Lakes lap, but they continue to grow and impress their audience day after day. Stop by and experience the distillery’s house made whiskey, aged for four months in barrels of maple syrup. Their small brew house allows for a constant rotation of beer throughout the week, so no day is the same! No need to worry about missing any events; Gull Lake is very active on Facebook and will surely fill your calendar. What are you waiting for? Look it up today!