MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Michigan Moonshine Distillery

In 2012 on the back deck one evening, two long time friends had a crazy idea… “what if we opened a distillery?” This small comment marked the beginning of Michigan Moonshine’s business. The owners’ love for spirits, as well as their beautiful state of Michigan, fueled their dream which has now become a reality. Being that they were both born and raised in Michigan, the owners wanted to highlight Michigan agriculture and support local businesses. Years of hard work, research, and perseverance has brought them to this point. Michigan Moonshine uses Michigan based ingredients to create unique, small batch distilled products, grain to glass.

This distillery highlights Michigan products whenever possible. Their grains and fruits come from Michigan farms across the state. But what really sets this distillery apart from others is their featured Moonshine. While many other distilleries make moonshine, they are the only one that highlights this product and designs cocktails and menu items around it. Expect to find a selection of over 20 different moonshine cocktails on their menu. While many people are initially intimidated by moonshine, they quickly come to find that it is quite versatile and delicious! What better place to try it for yourself than at Michigan Moonshine, located in Grandville, Mi?

You’ll feel a strong sense of community when you visit Michigan Moonshine Distillery. One of the highlights of their community is “The Moonraker Society.” It is composed of the distillery’s founding members. This group of individuals invested in the distillery’s business from the very start, many before the location even opened. Their first event was an evening where the “Moonrakers” (their term for founding members) helped create cocktails that are still on the menu today. In return, they each received a special engraved glass at the distillery, and are the first ones who have access to new products. Don’t feel left out though; While the Moonrakers Society is currently at capacity, the distillery will soon be offering a “Coaster club” for new members. This club will offer its own exclusive offers to members, so keep your eye out for its debut!

Just like many businesses, Michigan Moonshine experienced a blow at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. They celebrated their one-year anniversary on a Saturday, and were shut down the following Monday. Their staffing was also impacted, as many of the staff were college students who had to relocate while schools were shut down. Regardless, the distillery persevered and decided to keep their doors open for bottle sales. Additionally, they produced hand sanitizer using the World Health Organization’s recipe and currently sell it inside the distillery. Co-owner Jason Smith shared, “it was great to be able to offer this service to the community.” Michigan Moonshine is proud to announce that their doors are currently open for full service, at 50% occupancy.

This distillery is proud to use Michigan grains to create their spirits. It’s not about having one great product; it’s about being able to provide a variety of great products so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Discover what Michigan Moonshine products you enjoy most by visiting their location in Grandville. Don’t be surprised if it’s the moonshine!