MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Round Barn Distillery

Located near Lake Michigan and a vast fruit belt, Round Barn Distillery is a hot spot for creating unique libations. Since 2001, Round Barn Distillery has been making spirits from grapes grown off of their 50-acre plot of land. In addition, they grow all types of fruits from grapes, apples, cherries, peaches, and plums. This distillery is run as a “Come One, Come All”. As a family-owned business, they love combining family and fun! Not only is this distillery kid-friendly, dogs on leashes are welcome to join the fun at their Estate (located in Baroda, Michigan). Round Barn Distillery encourages people to get everyone together and out of the house for a day of quality family time. Before the pandemic, the distillery hosted monthly Family Fun Day’s, in which the day was dedicated to those with kids, the young-at heart, and included fun non-alcoholic drinks for the kids.

Prepare to have socially distanced fun this September, because Round Barn Distillery has planned several events for the community. Stationed in Baroda, Michigan, Round Barn Distillery is holding a Harvest party on September 5th. Following, on September 19th, they will be hosting an Artisan’s market. To finish off the month in September, Round Barn will be having a Donut Fest on September 26th.


On your visit to Round Barn Distillery, be sure to try their Divine Vodka. This vodka is one of their staples as it is one of their best selling spirits. It was the first American vodka distilled from grapes! This craft spirit is offered in 750 mL bottles. Vodka not your taste? Round Barn Distillery recently won a gold medal in the 2019 American Distilling Institute Spirits Competition for their 269 Gin. This award winning Gin is made from a grape brandy base and vapor infused with a unique blend of botanicals. This craft spirit is offered in 375 mL bottles. In addition to these spirits, Round Barn Distillery also offers other unique craft spirits such as Red Sky Rum, Blue Flame Agave, Berrien Ridge Whiskey, and Baroda Straight Bourbon.

In addition to being a distillery, Round Barn also functions as a winery and brewery. They offer wine tasting in two different variations: regular wine tasting for $12 per person, Monday through Friday, and elevated wine tasting at $20 per person, Saturday and Sunday. On the other hand, Round Barn offers different variations of beers that are year-round, rotated, limited, seasonal, and just Michigan beer. With more than 30 years of fermentation experience, Round Barn knows what it takes to deliver handcrafted beers.

In the future, you can look forward to a few new additions to Round Barn Distillery’s spirit collection. The team is currently working on a spiced rum along with some various barrel aged products. These will likely include spirits such as rum, agave, and gin. 

Next time you drive through Baroda, Michigan, stop and have a drink at Round Barn Distillery with your family and friends.

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