Michigan Distilleries Producing Hand Sanitizer and Contributing to COVID-19 Pandemic Community Resources

Governor Whitmer has given the go for Michigan distilleries to start producing hand sanitizer while the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread throughout the state. Normally, a distillery would have to have an industrial manufacturing permit (which none in Michigan do) but on Wednesday, March 18, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) relaxed their regulations.

The following Michigan Craft Distillers Association (MCDA) are noted as producing hand sanitizer:

  • AMERICAN FIFTH SPIRITS in Lansing will be providing limited amounts of hand sanitizer FREE to the public while supplies last. This sanitizer is made according to the formula recommended by the World Health Organization for maximum safety and effectiveness. Pickup will be at our tasting room between the hours of 2pm-6pm, Mon-Sat. Please be on the lookout, as hours may change. Please consider contributing to support the people working tirelessly to keep our community safe. If you are a healthcare worker, involved in public safety, or a local business serving the public please reach out to us at (517) 999-2631 or crafted@americanfifthspirits.com to enquire about larger volumes. In order to supply larger volumes to local emergency, healthcare, and local business workers, we are now accepting donations at https://www.gofundme.com/f/american-fifth-spirits-handsanitizer-fund?fbclid=IwAR3LB9NgunSOmMAyVuGyGbMUMZyDAktDPV2sfC1d-3cNIgmt9119KWiC2_Y.
  • BIER DISTILLERY in Grand Rapids is dedicating 100% of our production capacity to the manufacturing of hand sanitizer. We will continue to give out free hand sanitizer with every order from our online store at http://www.BierDistillery.com/OrderOnline. Contact: Joel Bierling – Joel@bierdistillery.com
  • COPPERCRAFT DISTILLERY in Holland has announced it will produce and donate approximately 10 thousand gallons of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to area hospitals and healthcare providers, including Holland Hospital, to mitigate shortages within the community. It will be ready for distribution this week through Great Lakes Wine & Spirits, distributor of all Coppercraft products in Michigan, will donate its trucks and drivers to deliver the product. Coppercraft will produce the hand sanitizer while also continuing regular production at its Holland-based distillery. Contact: Brian Mucci, CEO of Coppercraft Distillery – brian@coppercraftdistillery.com. https://coppercraftdistillery.com/coppercraft-distillery-donating-alcohol-based-hand-sanitizer-to-holland-hospital/?fbclid=IwAR00U7sVPtrAnmIB8TiKpyHb_Wzj6G4khuPVSZRPZ-jfGJVkPFb8HzNYYzw
  • DETROIT CITY DISTILLERY in Detroit is now producing hand sanitizer per WHO specifications, in bulk for healthcare institutions, municipalities and other organizations with the greatest need by adapting our manufacturing operation to serve the immediate and urgent needs of the region. As supplies and our capacity increases, we certainly hope to make sanitizer available to the general public. However, right now, we need to do what we can to get it to our big institutions who can get it to the most people. If you work for an organization that is on the front lines caring for vulnerable populations, contact us at sanitizer@detroitcitydistillery.com to discuss how we can help you. If you are looking for hand sanitizer for personal use, please stay tuned.
  • EASTERN KILLE in Grand rapids halted spirits production to focus on sanitizer and will be making 1,000 gallons this week to help meet local demand from businesses. We hope to be offering it to the general public out of our tasting room this weekend. Many of the details are TBD while we figure out packaging and pricing. Contact: Steve Vanderpol – steve@easternkille.com or 616-437-1119.
  • ELLISON BREWERY + SPIRITS in East Lansing has a limited number of 2.7 oz clear bottles of 70% alcohol hand sanitizer available as well as re-fill your own container. 2.7 oz containers at $2.99.
  • ETHANOLOGY in Elk Rapids is collecting donations of personal protective equipment which are essential for our health care providers to protect others, and themselves including Vinyl/Nitrile disposable gloves (No latex or rubber), Face Masks/construction masks or Any PPE equipment. In addition, we are actively looking for Northern Michigan manufacturers that can supply non-woven polypropylene, polyester or viscose fabrics or other like fabrics for manufacture of disposable isolation gowns and masks. All donations can be dropped off at Ethanology this (March 25-28) Wednesday-Saturday from 2:00-7:00pm.
  • GRAND TRAVERSE DISTILLERY in Traverse City is producing hand sanitizer in limited quantities at this time but gearing up for large scale production. Availability of the components we need to make the sanitizer is the limiting factor but we are finding new sources. Contact: Landis Rabish – landis@grandtraversedistillery.com or 231 947 8635
  • GREEN DOOR DISTILLING in Kalamazoo is producing thousands of 4oz bottles of hand sanitizer to help support the community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Green Door is producing and donating one hundred gallons of 190 proof neutral spirits, distilled by Green Door’s Head Distiller Tyler Glasser for the recipe, as well as leading the bottling and distribution effort. Kalamazoo area companies Damn Handsome Grooming Co., Allegra Portage, One Way Products, and LISC Kalamazoo are partnering with Green Door on this project and donating materials, financing, and expertise. Green Door is also in talks with local healthcare officials to offer a supply of hand sanitizer to area hospitals and clinics, in the event of a shortage. Kalamazoo area individuals and organizations that would like to donate to the effort, and/or offer to help distribute hand sanitizer can complete this short form and they will be contacted as needs arise.
  • IRON FISH DISTILLERY in Thompsonville is producing ethanol-based hand sanitizer to help meet the demand in our communities. We are working to supply the urgent and current need by organizations and individuals working in health, safety and critical services. If you fall into one of these categories and require hand sanitizer, we invite you to e-mail us at info@ironfishdistillery.com. Our family and dedicated production crew at Iron Fish Distillery will be working hard to increase production and secure the necessary supplies to continue producing hand sanitizer in order to serve our community. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to provide hand sanitizer for individual home use. Please check back with us for updates.
  • IRON SHOE DISTILLING in Niles has distributed roughly 100 16ounce bottles free of charge to the public this past weekend. We are currently in the process of making more hand sanitizer for the general public, health care facilities, first responders, and other organizations. Organizations interested in ordering large quantities in bulk may email Laura Tuthill – ltuthill@ironshoedistilling.com. For individuals interested in purchasing hand sanitizer, please visit https://www.facebook.com/IronShoeDistillery/.
  • JOURNEYMAN DISTILLERY in Three Oaks gave away 400 bottles of hand sanitizer to the public during a fundraising bottle sale. Nearly $13,000 was raised for a newly established Hourly Employee Fund and requests for bulk hand sanitizer started rolling in. By the end of the day a website and online store was launched to help fulfill requests — currently numbering in the hundreds. Journeyman is leveraging their state-of-the-art facility, existing supply chain, production expertise, and distribution network to meet demand. Orders of bulk hand sanitizer — from 1.75-liter bottles to 55-gallon barrels—are now being accepted. Details, FAQs, and online ordering options are available at journeymandistillery.com/sanitizer
  • LES CHENEAUX DISTILLERS in Cedarville has been producing hand sanitizer for various medical centers, offices and businesses throughout the Upper Peninsula – including Kinross Correctional Facility. The product confirms to strict World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.
  • LONG ROAD DISTILLERS in Grand Rapids has been producing hand sanitizer but is currently sold out. More packaging will be in stock soon and production will resume. Contact: Kyle VanStrien – kyle@longroaddistillers.com.
  • MAMMOTH DISTILLING in Central Lake is producing alcohol-based hand cleaner which is available in their Traverse City and Bellaire tasting rooms this week. Please bring your own reasonable-sized bottle and limit the number of people inside at any given time. Contact: Chad Munger – chad@mammothdistilling.com or 773-841-4242.
  • MICHIGRAIN in Lansing is producing hand sanitizer. We are trying to ramp up our production. We have donated hundreds of gallons to many locations (Police, Fire, etc.) We are also selling, too cover our costs. We are in full production mode and looking at a second shift right now. Contact: Scott Ellis – sellis@michigrain.net or (517) 719-4834.
  • MOTOR CITY GAS in Royal Oak is in the process of manufacturing hand sanitizer that will be donated to local first responders as well as for sale to the public but we do not have a release date at this time. Contact Rich Lockwood – richlockwood@hotmail.com or 248-515-5368.
  • NEW HOLLAND ARTISAN SPIRITS in Holland and Grand Rapids is making hand sanitizer in bulk for healthcare workers and those who need it most. For bulk inquiries, please email sanitizer@newhollandbrew.com. We are making as much as we can, as quickly and safely as we can and have made some available at our pubs for purchase by anyone, $5 per 8oz bottle limit 2 per person.
  • SANCTUARY SPIRITS in Grand Ledge is now selling hand sanitizer…125 ml bottle for $3.00. Due to EXTREME demand we are limiting it to just one bottle (for now). We will have 750 ml bottles available shortly. ALSO, do NOT throw away your bottles (especially the big ones) as we cannot get anymore at the moment. We WILL be able to refill your bottle! Contact: Karl Glarner – redsmoke@acd.net or 517-881-9426.
  • JULIAN WINE in Paw Paw has partnered with Michigrain as a collaborative effort, supplying them with additional alcohol needs.
  • THE KALAMAZOO STILLHOUSE in Kalamazoo has already given out approximately 500 bottles to our community, with 1400 more bottles to fill on the way just this week. To donate and help:
  • TWO JAMES SPIRITS in Detroit hopes to have their first batch of 500 gallons of sanitizer completed by end of week. We will have 5-gallon, 1 gallon bulk as well as 16 oz and 8 oz bottles Interested parties may reach out to david@twojames.com for more details.
  • UGLY DOG DISTILLERY in Chelsea has been offering free 8oz. bottles of hand sanitizer gel since March 18. The team agreed to divert some of their production to making an FDA approved formula of hand sanitizing gel. The plan is to make the product available to local Chelsea area residents and businesses that are in need, including the Senior Living Centers, the Chelsea Police and Chelsea Fire departments for their use. Contact: Mike Breazeale – mikebreazeale@thepromotionagency.com, Office 810-225-9566 / Mobile 248-709-1385 and/or David Salmon – david@uglydogdistillery.com or 502-727-1356.
  • WISE MEN DISTILLERY in Kentwood is manufacturing Sanitizer for Amazon distribution facilities. Contact: Tom Borisch – tom@wisemendistillery.com or 616-890-9003.

Availability is subject to change on a daily basis. Please contact the respective distillery for current production.

The Michigan Craft Distillers Association was formed in October 2014 as a non-profit organization charged with marketing the individual member businesses, their products and events, but also help bring a voice for the industry when it comes to legislative issues that affect the overall beverage industry.

MCDA currently represents 30 craft distilleries with nearly 50 unique tasting room locations around the state, as well as a handful of distillery in-planning members and nearly 30 allied members providing goods and services. Michigan’s craft distilling industry is growing at a rapid pace – ranking #9 in the nation in terms of overall number of distilleries according to annual data compiled by the American Craft Spirits Association.